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Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Drop offers the Internet's premier Text messaging service.  If you want to send an e>text message, and want to be sure that the other person will actually receive it, you should use Liquid Drop.

What is e>text?

e>text is like email, although rather than sending an email message to someone's PC, it sends an SMS Text message to their mobile phone. You can just use your normal email package and, if you wish, you can add an e>text address to your normal email address book, e.g. <Johns Mobile> (

What are text messages?

Text messages usually carry up to 160 characters of text to a compatible mobile phone, although Liquid Drop's long message feature means that you can send up to 765 characters. They are often used when you want to get in contact with someone quickly and reliably, but don't need to speak to them directly.

How does e>text help me?

Here is a description of what e>Text is, and here's how it can help you.

How long can a message be?

A standard text message has a maximum length of 160 characters. With Liquid Drop, you can send an e>text that contains up to 765 characters. We do this by joining up to 5 standard SMS messages into a single one. Each SMS is charged for seperately, so the cost of sending 750 characters is 5 times the cost of a single text message. When you register with us, the standard maximum message size is 459 characters, which equates to 3 SMS messages.
You can change your maximum message length here.

How do I send a Text message to someone in the same country?

Simply send an email to For example, if you wanted to send a Text to your friend whose mobile number was 07123498765, the email address to use would be Full instructions and some examples of how to use our service are given in the Send a Text page.

How do I send a Text message to someone in a different country?

If the person you are sending is usually in the same country as you are, then you just send the message to their normal phone number. If their phone is registered abroad, however, then you need to replace the leading '0' with the appropriate country dialling code.
For example, say you live in England and have a French friend whose mobile phone number is 07123498765, the email address to which you would send your message would be, as '33' is the dialling code for France.

Can the person that I sent the message to reply to it?

Yes. All they need to do is reply to the message in the normal way from their phone. The message will then be sent to the email address that that you used to send the original message.

Why do you need my mobile phone number when I register?

Because we don't ask for any personal information such as your name and address, we need to have a way of identifying you within our system. We promise that we won't send any texts to your phone, other then your password, and we won't sell your information to anybody else.

How do I buy messages?

You can top-up your account by using your credit card which pays for your messages in advance. You can choose to pay as little as £5 or as much as £20. Your credit card transaction is handled on our behalf by World Pay, who are one of the world's leading e-commerce solutions companies.

Can I mix-and-match emails and e>texts?

Yes. When you are sending messages, the only difference between an e>text and an email is the address you send it to. You can send the same email message to any number and combination of email and e>text addresses.

Can I use the service from more than one computer?

Certainly, although if the email address on the other computer is different from the one that you used to register with us, please remember to tell us about it.

Do I have to install any software on my computer?


Can e>text mess up my normal email in any way?